Present Continuous 24h Performance Festival

July 22-23, 10a-10p

Glasshouse Project

Durational performances by:

Kite (AKA Dr. Suzanne Kite), Emilio Rojas, Esther Neff, Arantxa Araujo, Lina Azalea Dahbour, Amalya Megerman, Michael Delia and Charles Dennis (with Sal Cataldi)

Organized by Lital Dotan

The past co-exists along with the present” -Henri Bergson

Present Continuous is a summer festival of durational performance art works, each 3-24h long. This program is part of Upstate Art Weekend 2024.

It is a chorus of singularities embodying stories told and retold. It is a festival of new site specific works, rooted in past othernesses. Viscerally- You will smell the underground, you will see roots and their dissolution, there will be acts of uprooting and rerooting. In this field of movement, there will be shared joy and offerings of music or food. It is a celebration of the Present Continuous. A performance story in the making.