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I picked up my first camera when I was 18. Ever since then photography has been an important part of my life. To me, every moment spent inside the viewfinder space is a meditative experience. It allows me to examine things carefully and search for the hidden meaning behind. Sometimes I have been fortunate to capture this personal point of view so that I can share with someone like you.


I hope you enjoy my photos and perhaps feel inspired. Please feel free to check out my Recent Entries page for newer stuff. In addition, you may contact me via my  or  pages.


Thanks you for taking a journey with me today. Let’s keep the good energy flowing! 





Artist Bio

Wei Chao is a New York based multimedia artist. Wei holds a Masters Degree in Professional Studies degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program and received the Artist of Future award at graduation. He has worked as a creative technologist for education research labs, advertising agencies, artist studios, galleries and museums. In his photography work, he focuses on the human condition and on unique landscapes that capture something perplexing in today’s world.



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Sony A7R II /Sony A6000 /Sony A7 720nm Infrared Converted / Sony NEX7 750nm Infrared Converted / Arca Swiss Discovery 4×5 / Horseman LX 4×5 / Horseman LD / Ricoh Theta S / iPhone



Sony: 28/50/90 Macro
Canon FD: 7.5/15/17/20/24/28/35/50/50 Macro/85/100 Macro/200/200 Macro/75-300
Contax Carl Zeis MM: 18/25/50/85/100 Makro/135/180/300
Anamorfake: Flektogon 20/Mir-1V/Helios 44-2/Jupiter-9
Schneider 4×5: 58/75/90/135/210/300