🙌🏻 Mie & Wei 🙌🏻

  1. Fix Mie’s Brompton
  2. Design a special Brompton bag
  3. Cook lunch for Mie before work everyday
  4. Make pizza’s using Mie’s basil
  5. Help each other with English and Japanese
  6. Help sister’s leather goods business
  7. Exercise together 
  8. Go to museums
  9. Visit national parks
  1. Japanese
    • Omurice
      • Thin skin style with chicken + onions rice like mom’s
    • Yakisoba
    • Oden (extra daikon pieces)
    • Mitarash Dango
    • Yaki Onigiri with nattos+kimchi fillings
    • Omu Onigiri with mom’s rice inside
  2. Korean
    • Wei’s Sul Lung Tang & Karlbi Tang
  3. Mexican
    • Wei’s Mex Lasagna
  4. French
  5. Italian
    • Pizza (with Mie’s basils)
  6. Steak
  7. BBQ
  1. We came to NYC about the same time 
  2. We lived close by on Ave C at some point
  3. We are close to each other everyday in East Village without knowing
  4. We like Brompton bikes
  5. We are about the same age
  6. We were both born in June
  7. We both look young
  8. We are both Asians living in NY for 25+ years
  9. We feel NY is our home now – home is where our hearts are at
  10. We have similar taste in food
  11. We enjoy cooking 
  12. We cook for people we care about
  13. We soak scallion in water to grow
  14. We grow herbs at home
  15. We like 深夜食堂 very much
  16. We like daikon
  17. We look like each other’s family members
  18. Our names look nice together
  19. We have our own unique sense in design
  20. We enjoy walking slowly
  21. We like old things
  22. We like countryside
  23. We both have a lot of hair
  24. We like small animals
  25. We had dear pets who are in heaven now
  26. We feel knowing each other for long and very natural
  27. We somehow believe in fate
  28. We are dreamers
  29. We like art and photography
  30. We wanted to be artists when we were young
  31. We are shy and very sensitive
  32. We wonder about future
  33. We love our parents
  34. We use LINE to talk to mom overseas
  35. We care about each other’s sleeping time
  36. We are chicken-hearted and wishy-washy (only sometimes)
  37. We find it hard to tell our feelings sometimes
  38. We are willing to improve ourselves
  39. We used older model Nikon film camera before
  40. We like white Greek flokati rugs
  41. We want to be the only one for the future partner
  42. We were hurt by past relationship, but we are okay now
  43. We are grateful to God for allowing us to meet
  44. We see ourselves smiling a lot with each other in the future

Our names look alike in English, both with 3 letters. It can go like Mie & Wei or Wei 🍀 Mie

Product Ideas

  1. Handbag, Clothes, Shoes & Accesories?
  2. Bentos?
  3. Healthy Dog Food?

Dear Mie,

Today is World Pinhole Photography Day, and I’ve built a camera without a lens to capture and share a moment with you.

As I sit inside, sipping on my mint tea, I gaze out of the window at the old buildings, their patterns blurred and softened by the drizzling rain. They’re so familiar, and yet, somehow, they seem almost foreign in this light. It’s funny how a rainy day can be so refreshing, isn’t it? All we need to do is shift our perspective and see the beauty in it from inside.

Reflecting on our past conversations has brought a smile to my face. It’s incredible how quickly we bonded, like old friends who had been apart for too long. We were able to speak openly and honestly with each other, discovering many shared interests and daydreaming together about the possibilities of the future. It’s a rare and special connection, and I’m grateful to have found it with you.

I just wanted to say sorry once again for my overexcitement before, and I hope it didn’t put a damper on our connection. Even though there’s still so much to learn about each other, I want you to know that my feelings towards you have not changed a bit since we first started talking – I still think you’re amazing! Let’s keep getting to know each other and building a fun, lighthearted relationship that’s filled with laughter and joy.

Do you know there’s a Chinese saying  “近鄉情怯” – it means that returning home after a long time can make you feel a bit shy and nervous? Well, I guess that’s how we both might be feeling right now, but let’s not forget how much we’ve already connected and clicked! There’s still so much to discover about each other.  We can take on any challenges together, and who knows what amazing things the future holds for us?  Let’s plan to meet soon.

With you,  I will also smile a lot, no matter if it’s raining or shining.

Love and peace,


Dear Mie,

I want to let you know I am very touched that you could tell me about your inner feelings the other day. I will hold your trust dearly to heart. Frankly I feel the same way about myself too sometimes: indecisive (wishy-washy), timid (chicken hearted), and insecure (lack of self love). After all Mie and Wei are very similar people, remember? No one is perfect in this world. In return to your honesty, I feel like to share some of my shortcomings too. At times I can be overthinking, stubborn, and picky. Let’s treat them as life assignments to work on, and in time we can help each other in becoming a better person.

Also, I think these are special personal qualities. They are not necessarily good or bad.  I will not, and should not judge because you have bravely revealed your private inner feelings to me. Instead, I should try to be more understanding and supportive to you. Being honest and trust each other is a very beautiful thing. We are very lucky, not too many people can really do that. Besides, I think slight imperfections make life perfect. Just like the idea of wabi-sabi (侘寂)from Japan. This is a different topic which we can discuss some other time.

Because we have got along so well since the beginning, it was so easy to think each other as “the perfect match”. However, it is just too hard for us to adjust. I just thought of an idea to make you comfortable, maybe we can look at each other as “a very good friend from 25 years ago” instead. This way we can feel more relaxed about having our first meeting and tell each other about our past years. Do you think this soundsgood, or am I just crazy? No worries, you can tell me 😅

Sorry for the long letter, but I really meant well. In the past few weeks our spirits have traveled a long way together.  I know it’s not easy for you, and I sincerely wish to comfort your heart. Let cheer for each other once, shall we?

Ganbadene, Mie! 🙌🏻

So happy to know you,


To continue about my life in Bangkok. I was pretty much all by myself when I first moved to Thailand, didn’t know the language or space and had no friends. But I enjoyed going to the American High School because they taught interesting things. Photography was one of them.

I enjoyed walking around with my camera and took photo of random things. I really didn’t know what I was doing. One day I took a photo of a monk on the street, my teacher Paul saw it. He decided to enter it to an international school art festival for me. Out of surprise I won an award, and I was totally clueless. But that incident has steered me to a different direction in life. And that photo has turned out to be the core spirit of my photography. I can explain more about this later.

Paul has been one of my guardian angels in this life. And I am truly grateful for his encouragement and guidance. He retired in 2010 and moved back to Massachusetts. Seeing him on the streets with a camera today was very touching.

Hope you like my little story.



Hello Mie,

I gave some thoughts on your school experience and find a few interesting points:

1, Other than the idea of making money, there must be something else in the art school that you felt not quite right. I mean, if you were 100% happy in the classes, you wouldn’t think about leaving right? At the time you took your future seriously and acted swiftly.

2, It is not easy for a student to switch major. It takes great courage to do that. Brave woman you are.

3, Things in life doesn’t always go as planned, and you found out programming was not for you. As you regret, you actually realize you still like art. Later you even took some photography classes for your creative mind.

4, I think art schools can only teach techniques and help building connections. To be an artist you still have to develop your own vision by yourself. You can start learning again, and New York is one of the best places in the world for it. I will be your biggest fan to support you!

Your decision was not stupid at all. It actually shows a few great qualities about you.



Dear Mie,

Gomeinasai! I promised you before I will not bring pressure to you, but I feel I have let my emotion rushing out too quickly and might make you uncomfortable. Even though we are very similar, compatible in life, and understand each other well, we (especially me) still need to have patience to grow a beautiful thing together.

In real life I will describe myself as a cup refreshing green tea, but lately I might have been drinking too much Esspresso and become too hyper. Please forgive me and allow me to improve?

Ever since we started talking, you are the only girl I am speaking to and there is no one else. I almost cancelled my match.com account. I want to be with you to face the good and bad in life togehter. But I realize that intention might make me appear too direct and serious, I will remember to relax more as well when talking to you.

Thanks you for recommending Abraço to me. I like the mixed style of Euro modern and layback East Village vibe. You were correct, a little busy.

I know you work hard and will try not to disturb you too much. Perhaps we can enjoy a peaceful walk in the park one day when you don’t have to work? There are so many good stories to share. Love and peace,


Mie, just want to share a little bit of my mind with you. I am very touched that you can trust me with your honest feelings. This is not an easy thing, and I treasure it dearly. If sometimes you feel the need to have fresh air or to be alone, please feel free to let me know. I will understand and respect that because it can be a healthy thing. As a true friend I want you to be happy and free of pressure.