Fire Shadows: Sonic State

Lital Dotan
Rosekill Art Farm, Kingston, NY

Sonic State” – by Lital Dotan
Saturday, August 27, 2022
8:30 PM – on the lake

In her upcoming durational performance, Lital Dotan continues her exploration into the embodiment of performance nature in ice, activating her ‘Melting Time Piece #6 (Violin)’ sculpture, made of frozen water from Rosekill pond, while immersed in the lake.
Lital Dotan is an artist and curator working with performance, video, and sculpture. Her works span over two decades of performance in the expanded field and have been exhibited internationally in venues such as the Israel Museum, National Museum Cracow, Queens Museum, Haifa Museum, The Kitchen, and Jewish Contemporary SF, among others, and was featured in magazines such as NY Times, Hyperallergic, NY Mag, White-hot Magazine, Paper Mag, ArtSlant, Haaretz, Huffington Post, VISION China, TAR Magazine to name a few. She is the co-founder of Glasshouse art-house and founder of Que Sal Mah performance-fashion brand. She wrote 3 stage plays that are currently in various production modes.

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