Cuerpxs de Luz, NY

Arantxa Araujo

Cuerpxs de Luz is a durational performance and socially engaged project that focused on creating strong bonds amongst the Latinx community, and explored ways to be beacons of light for one another. The project investigated migration and mobility, the concept of home and belonging and an overall look at desire and intentionality in any given journey.

The project for me began by finding a small group of people, a chosen family, that would want to partake in a journey of growth and understanding, a durational performance that migrated from a point A to point B – set to last from sunset until sunrise. A difficult and arduous expedition by a group of Latinx immigrants in New York City to expand our comprehension of immigration, our experience and that of other immigrants. An effort to negate the current rhetoric of politics and media of who we are and why we are here, by travelling through the city and placing ourselves in the public arena in our voyage to find our home. We allowed passersby to observe this journey and walk with us for a while, just to be seen while being and finding us/home/the self.